The U.S. Auto Industry Recognising The Power Of Website Video

The evidence continues to stack up. Websites with video have a huge advantage over those that don’t.

About 75 percent of people watch videos on the Internet every week while more than half of them are watching videos every day. With more than 1 billion active Internet users, you can see the full potential of video marketing. What is even more interesting is that these numbers will grow in coming years.

Vehicle Brands available in Australia
Vehicle Brands available in Australia

Now when it comes to buying a car it gets really interesting. 70% of people who used YouTube as part of their car buying process were influenced by what they watched.

That means they are drawn to websites with video where they make their assessment of the dealership and the vehicles they have to offer.  A dealer who doesn’t offer video on their website is already behind in the game.

For more facts and figures read a great article from Reelseo – The Marketers Guide.

While that article is about the car industry the benefits of introductory or landing videos on any website are just as valid.  Whatever good or series you are offering video is more likely to turn site visits into sales.

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