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Master of Ceremonies

A Master of Ceremonies is the official host of an event who ensures the program flows smoothly.  Graeme Goodings master of Ceremonies

Among the duties of a master of ceremonies.

  •    Make introductory and closing remarks
  •    Introduce speakers/sponsors/distinguished guests and performers
  •    Keep the program moving and to time
  •    Handle the housekeeping items and announcements
  •    When things don’t go as planned have the ability to improvise and keep the event on track.  

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A facilitator is a guide or ‘discussion leader’ GG podium for a group.

The process of facilitation is a way of providing leadership without taking the reigns.

A facilitator’s job is to get others to assume responsibility and take the lead.



After dinner speakerGG podium expressive

A good after dinner speaker can size up his audience quickly and make changes seamlessly to his address.

He needs to be a good raconteur with a sense of occasion and a sense of humour and  is able to incorporate the theme of the night into his talk.

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