Video Is Changing the Online World

Anyone who has any lingering doubts about the benefits of having a website video only needs to look to Google for the facts.

Just type in “The importance of website video” and stand back. The evidence is overwhelming.

A website video is the most cost effective way to promote your business and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.Power of Video

A video made for your website can also be placed on social media, Facebook and the like.

Statistics reveal, that very same video posted in an email, results in the click-through rate increasing by 200% to 300%.(Forrester Research).

So, for the cost of one video you have a minimum of 3 powerful outlets to spread your message.

There are many great articles on the benefits of website video – Talking Brand spells it out very well.

Good Innings Media is being approached every day by businesses who are realising the power of video and how spending on a top quality video is the best investment they can make.

Bottom line: In the words of Video Brewerey  Video marketing increases sales and leads. If you’re not a video marketer, you’re losing customers to those who do. Businesses that incorporate video marketing into their overall marketing strategy see higher engagement rates, higher click-through rates and higher conversion rate. Why would you leave all that value sitting on the table?

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