‘I have had a passionate love affair with communication and the media all my working life.’

Radio, Television, print media and now social media have provided me with endless opportunities and most importantly, employment.

I also found time to produce a DVD  entitled  Cancer – What Now?  a guide for patients, families and carers.

Having left SAS7 Adelaide after 34 years as a News reader I’m now free to pursue areas of the industry I love, video production, corporate and commercial voice overs and media training.

Working as a Master of Ceremonies, Keynote speaker and facilitator has allowed me to branch out as an executive media trainer and teacher of young people entering the work force.

 I believe the power of Communication is the most important skill of all. Good communicators are high achievers.

 ‘Good communication can be taught and that’s what I do.’   

Graeme Goodings   goodinningsmedia@internode.on.net

‘If you think I can help you or your organisation drop me an email.’