Specialising in media, presentation and public speaking as well as executive coaching, to enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills for media interviews, presentations and public speaking.

 Be prepared  for every media opportunity that may present itself to you and your company.

 Learn the ten most important secrets of a good media interview to help you win over your audience and get your vital message across.

 Getting  Through *

 Graeme Goodings provides training for businesses, individuals, and groups on how to best present yourself when dealing with the media

  •      Dealing with unexpected media attention
  •      Seeking media exposure
  •      Crisis management
  •      Managing your media image
  •      Press releases and product launches

Having a camera  or microphone thrust in front of you can be a daunting experience but with the right training you can manage the situation and get your message across.

Through media training Graeme can teach you to communicate clearly and with confidence.

Contact Graeme   goodinningsmedia@internode.on.net

 * Information is giving out; communication is getting through.

Sydney J. Harris