Every business must have an internet presence because a website is your ‘front window’ for new clients.

“To prospective customers your website is a reflection of your business.” 

If it’s appealing they will be drawn to you.  If it’s cluttered or uninteresting they’ll look elsewhere.

If you’re needing a new website or to update the one you have make sure you contact us first.

Website Videos

A Corporate Video gives your business credibility.

A powerful online presence is vital, without it your competition, who are already utilising video have a jump on you.

‘Videos are 53 times more likely to rank higher  on search engines than text. So a website without a video is immediately at a disadvantage.’

Research shows that:

  • YouTube is second only to Google as a preferred search engine.
  • Clients would rather watch a video about you and your business than read your webpage or newsletter.

A well made, professional video give potential customers confidence that they  are dealing with a real business.

Dollar for dollar a corporate video could be the best investment you make.

If you want to learn more about website videos contact Good Innings media.