Public Speaking Tip 21 – 7 Quick Tips

After giving you 20 Public Speaking Tips I thought I would distill it into 7 Quick tips.

There’s a saying that goes “ Exceptional public speaking is not about the speaker. ”
Public speaking is the art of communicating your message powerfully and clearly with the aim of inspiring , informing and entertaining your audience.

So here are 5 key points

1.Nerves are natural – as soon as you start thinking more about your audience and what you want to achieve for them the quicker you’ll see those nerves fall away.

  1. What’s the purpose? What do you want your audience to take away? Have a plan – a road map of where you want to take your listeners

Don’t let perfect get in the way of better – Practice does not make perfect

3 .Don’t read from a script – use dot points -so you can make eye contact and see how the audience is reacting and form a bond with them

  1. Use story telling – facts and figures will long be forgotten but the impact of a good story will live on with your audience

5.Body language: First impressions matter – When introduced approach the stage confidently – head held high, shoulders back. Pause and Smile at the lectern before beginning your talk.

  1. Know your subject and know your audience – practice and practice some more

7 Just reading book on body building won’t make you into an Arnold Schwarzenegger – as with PS you have to actually get our there and do it.

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