Public Speaking tip #20 – Care More About Your Audience Than Your Information

It might sound a little strange but while the information you deliver is vital, your audience should be your No.1 priority.

To become a better public speaker you have to realise that your audience is more important than your information. So what does that mean?

A simple tip to help you become a better public speaker.
Care more about your audience than you do about your information.
Many speakers put so much work into researching and crafting their talk that the content becomes the centre of their universe and the audience becomes secondary.

Big mistake – don’t fall in love with your information at the expense of those you’re delivering it to.

Remember information is just that, information – it takes a person to give it true meaning.

Research shows we pay far more attention and retain information much more reliably when what we are being told is connected to an emotional experience.

Basically that means weaving your information into a compelling story is a sure fire way to not only get your message across but seat it deep in the minds of those listening.

The bottom line – people matter more than information.

With that in mind how do we translate that information into the most powerful message?

Firstly, after researching and compiling your speech think about the message you want to get across. What do you want your audience to take away from your address? What do you want to be the lasting emotion?

When you start thinking like this your voice and your delivery will begin to reflect your passion and commitment.

Focus just on the words not the meaning and your talk will be DCB – dull, colourless and boring.
Speak from the heart not the head – that’s the way to inform, educate and entertain your audience. and that will set you apart from other speakers.

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