Media Coverage – Closing The Loop

Social media and the internet have seen a quantum change in the way we receive and disseminate information.

If we don’t get on board we’ll get left behind and miss leveraging positive media coverage.

This is an excellent article on the subject and what you can do to “close the loop” by Michelle Prak a corporate communications and PR professional.

Michelle Prak
     Michelle Prak

Originally posted on Prakkypedia:

Have you recently gained some positive media coverage?

What happened next?

Did you bask in the glow for a while? Tell family and friends? Did you keep a copy of the news article, or had you already told your connections in advance to watch the television to catch your seven seconds of fame?

Media coverage can be an important part of your promotional plan. Reaching a lot of people at once can be a great means to raise your profile, get your message across, and become a little more well known.

But when you’ve achieved that media coverage, I’m here to tell you: close the loop!

Leverage it for all it’s worth.

If you’ve achieved some media coverage, that doesn’t mean ‘everyone has noticed you’ and that it’s time to put your feet up (though you may want to for a short time). It means it’s time to do the…

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