Public Speaking tip #26 Personality Type

What role does your personality play in public speaking? Is it better to have an extroverted or introverted personality? The answer might surprise you.

What role does your personality play in public speaking – Well frankly it can make or break you. It’s all in how you use it.

You might have a bright bubbly personality or you might be quiet and introverted – if you identify with either personality stick with it and you can still be successful.

The worst thing you can do is to try to change because you think that is what you need to do to get better.

It’s a familiar story you’ve seen a great Ted speaker and you think if I can imitate them Ill be great too.

That is so far from the truth – trying to be a carbon copy of someone else will see you come across as shallow and false. Your audience will see through you in a flash.

It’s better to be a 100 percent original that a 40% copy of someone else.

What ever your personality extrovert or introvert you can become an excellent speaker – just play to your strengths – be true to yourself.

Most people would think extroverts make the best speakers but that is not so.

Introverts excel as public speakers as often they connect better with the audience who identify with their retiring personality.
Introverts often connect on a deeper level . Not saying extroverts can’t do that but because of their outgoing personality they may have to work harder to develop a strong bond with the audience.

So don’t see being an introvert as a hindrance it really can be an asset if you work on it.

The most important advise is to work with what you’ve got.

Good speakers aren’t always funny, out-there or energetic, but they are always interesting.
They communicate valuable information to their audience in an entertaining an informative way.

To be a good public Speaker takes a lot of work but the rewards are worth it. Just stay true to yourself.

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