9 Tips for Great DIY Videos

More and more businesses who appreciate the value of video to promote their product/services are turning to inhouse productions.

With technology the way it is this is very doable – Smartphones shoot high quality pictures.  The vision can be edited on software that is freely available on Windows and Mac.

Nine quick tips for making your own videos

  • If you don’t have a high quality video camera a  modem smartphone will do
  • If using a smartphone shoot landscape format not portrait
  • Audio is every bit as important as the video – Invest in a microphone
  • Lighting – where possible use natural light – if not invest in a small set of lights – cheap on the net
  • Plan your project before you start.  What do you want to achieve? How to best deliver your message
  • Make the video entertaining.  No one will sit through a boring video not matter how worthy
  • Keep the video short.  60 seconds is a good length.
  • A videos success  can depend on the way it is edited.  Keep each shot fairly brief.  Make sure each shot flows into the next
  • End with a call to action.  What do you want your viewers to do next?

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