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It’s not that kind of video!!!!

It’s not that kind of video!!!!

“So what do you do?”- Often the opening gambit in a first up meeting with someone at a business or casual function.

It used to be easy. “I’m a journalist, a TV news presenter.”

That’s changed now as I’ve ventured out into my own business, Good Innings Media.

“So what do you do?” “I make website videos.” “Oh! Really?”

Then I spend the next couple of minutes explaining.

“They’re not X rated videos, they are landing page or explainer videos helping businesses promote their product or service.”

The more forward thinking business people are immediately interested to learn more, and I’m only too happy to tell them of the benefits of having video on their website.Good Innings Media

The inevitable question then comes. “How much does a website video cost?’

There’s no simple answer. When asked that question recently by a winemaker who was interested in having a video to promote his winery, I answered by saying how much is a bottle of wine?

He immediately got it. You could make a video for $800 or you could spend $25,000. You get what you pay for. It all depends on what image you want to project for you business.

Remember, for many people visiting your site, this is their first contact and remember you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

All businesses have to watch their expenses carefully and video is, after all, another expense.

You must ask  yourself, “Can I afford a video?”  My reply, weighing up the weight of evidence of the benefits of website video.

“Can you  afford NOT to have video?”