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The Future Of News

Where do you get your news and information?

In this giddy world of constant change and choice, the traditional forms of news dissemination, television, print media and radio are feeling the pinch.

The Future Of News
                       The Future Of News

The 2015 Reuters Institute Digital News Report suggests that 44% of Australians get their news fix online, television accounts for 35%, 12% say social media is their principle source of news, while print continues its’ downward spiral with just 7%.

A damning figure is only 39% of Australians say they trust the media in general something all those involved in the circulation of news should take on board.

Two big drawbacks to watching online video news were noted, the small size of the screen and the annoying pre and post video ads. Although that doesn’t appear to have slowed the increase in online news consumption.

The research also noted that news is increasingly found, discussed and shared on Facebook.

Who could have foreseen these changes 20 years ago? How will we be getting our news 20 years from now?