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What does Google have in common with Archie & Jughead ?

 If I mentioned the names Archie, Veronica and Jughead what am I talking about?

Archie, Jughead, Veronica

Archie, Jughead, Veronica and crew

Now, before you answer cartoon characters let me add  vLib and Exite. Nothing?

How about Infoseek and AltaVista? All becoming clearer?

Yes, we’re talking about the original web search engines, extremely primitive at the beginning but improving at break-neck speed.

It wasn’t until 1996 that the all-conquering Google came into being and before we knew it, the contest was over.

There have been new additions, like Bing and MSN, but Google stands supreme. It’s even gone into the lexicon. “Hang on I’ll Google it.”

Google has an estimated 1,100,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors leaving the next best search engine, Bing with 350,000,000 UMV in its wake.

But, believe it or not Google will soon be overtaken. Not by a traditional search engine but by Youtube.

YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. It’s bigger than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined.

The clever people at Google saw this coming years ago, in fact they bought Youtube back in 2006 for $1.65 Billion, in hindsight, a steal.

But why are we turning to Youtube as a search engine? Well in simple terms, people are saying “I don’t want to read about it, Show me.”

Instead of wading through a sea of words when we want to research a new fridge or car, we want to see it in action, see how it works or how it performs.

Research tells us if a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million.

Websites are catching on and more and more feature a video on their landing page and further videos showing the history of the business, how it operates, and their products.

A video can present the human face of a business while viewers can assess the worth of a product without the hard sell.

A website without video is losing ground to its competition who have.

It’s a most cost effective way of staying ahead of the game and it’ll give your page a higher ranking on search engines, which is, I think, where we came in.

Graeme Goodings is a website video producer with Good Innings Media

The Future Of News

Where do you get your news and information?

In this giddy world of constant change and choice, the traditional forms of news dissemination, television, print media and radio are feeling the pinch.

The Future Of News

                       The Future Of News

The 2015 Reuters Institute Digital News Report suggests that 44% of Australians get their news fix online, television accounts for 35%, 12% say social media is their principle source of news, while print continues its’ downward spiral with just 7%.

A damning figure is only 39% of Australians say they trust the media in general something all those involved in the circulation of news should take on board.

Two big drawbacks to watching online video news were noted, the small size of the screen and the annoying pre and post video ads. Although that doesn’t appear to have slowed the increase in online news consumption.

The research also noted that news is increasingly found, discussed and shared on Facebook.

Who could have foreseen these changes 20 years ago? How will we be getting our news 20 years from now?


Media Coverage – Closing The Loop

Social media and the internet have seen a quantum change in the way we receive and disseminate information.

If we don’t get on board we’ll get left behind and miss leveraging positive media coverage.

This is an excellent article on the subject and what you can do to “close the loop” by Michelle Prak a corporate communications and PR professional.

Michelle Prak

     Michelle Prak

Originally posted on Prakkypedia:

Have you recently gained some positive media coverage?

What happened next?

Did you bask in the glow for a while? Tell family and friends? Did you keep a copy of the news article, or had you already told your connections in advance to watch the television to catch your seven seconds of fame?

Media coverage can be an important part of your promotional plan. Reaching a lot of people at once can be a great means to raise your profile, get your message across, and become a little more well known.

But when you’ve achieved that media coverage, I’m here to tell you: close the loop!

Leverage it for all it’s worth.

If you’ve achieved some media coverage, that doesn’t mean ‘everyone has noticed you’ and that it’s time to put your feet up (though you may want to for a short time). It means it’s time to do the…

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Has The Elevator Pitch Bottomed Out?

The lift door opens and there you are face to face with someone who could benefit you or your business.

elevator pitch

Don’t waste a word

You have them captive for no more than 30 seconds. What do you say that will make them interested enough to say “give me a call.”

Hence the birth of the elevator pitch, a short prepared speech that clearly explains what you do and what benefits there are for others.

All you want to do is spark enough interest for the person you’re talking to to want to take the next step.

Bumble through those 30 seconds and the opportunity is lost. Pull it off and this could be your next big client.

Tony Reiss on elevator pitch

Consultant Tony Reiss

Master coach and Consultant Tony Reiss talks about the Wow, How, Now method of preparing an elevator pitch.

Whatever you call it you must command the other persons attention and want to make them not only want to hear more but make time to talk to you about it in the future.

But in this day of every decreasing attention spans is the 30 second elevator pitch already too long?

According to New York Times bestselling author, Daniel H. Pink ‘the traditional elevator metaphor of the 30 second pitch is in need of a tune-up, especially in the digital marketplace of ideas.’

Daniel H Pink Drive

Author Daniel H. Pink

Pink talks about his “Six successors to the elevator pitch.”

Chance meetings come along all to rarely, so don’t blow it. You can’t buy those opportunities to sell yourself and your product or service.

Be prepared

  • Work on a 30 second speech stating what you do and how it will benefit the other person.
  • Explain how you do it better than the others, perhaps with a brief case history.
  • End with a question. ‘How does your organization train new staff members?’

After you have written your pitch, read it out loud. Read it to someone who can give you a critique. Then rewrite and rework it until you’re happy.

Now the tricky part. Although you’re speech is well rehearsed, the last thing you want is for it to sound like a 30 second commercial. So after learning what you want to say learn to deliver it in a relaxed conversational style.

 Be flexible

If the person your talking to interjects with a question answer it clearly and succinctly. That means no jargon, no shop talk. Then go back and finish you pitch.

As in all things it’s all about preparation and practice.

Do that and your pitch will become second nature and those ‘chance meetings’ will have tangible benefits.

If you’d like help on your ‘elevator pitch’ or presentation skills contact me at Good Innings Media.

Why online video is vital for websites

“Would you rather watch a movie or have someone tell you about it?”

Nothing builds relationships , gets traffic, and makes sales like a good video.

When building a website so much attention is paid to having a wow factor. Fancy layout, classy text, lots of pictures, good fresh content.

But that can be very overwhelming – information overload. Where do I look first? What do I read? And before you know it the prospective customer is gone.

Statistics show that whole exercise can take less than ten seconds. All your blood sweat and tears and someone has moved on, in a hearbeat.

So, what do you do? Video, my friend.

The perfect way to introduce your business is with a video.Website video vital to sales

A video is the quickest way to cut through and it will keep visitors on your site for up to two minutes, maybe more, giving them plenty of time to appreciate what your business is all about.

In that time they’re learning about you, your product and what you stand for. Cold text doesn’t stand a chance.

Remember your homepage is just like the old shopfront window. The more interesting and inviting it is, the more likely they are to ‘come inside’ and buy something.

5 reasons to have a website video

  1.   People prefer to watch a video than read pages of text.
  2.   Google loves videos. You’re 53 times more likely to make page one of Google if you have a video.
  3.   Increase conversion rates – Because 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual – videos on landing pages increase average conversion rates by 86%
  4.   Build rapport – putting a human face on your business.
  5.   Videos build trust – showing your product and   allowing visitors to make up their own minds without feeling pressure. importantce of website video


“Processing print isn’t something the human brain was built for. The printed word is a human artifact. It’s very convenient and it’s worked very well for us for 5,000 years, but it’s an invention of human beings. By contrast Mother Nature has built into our brain our ability to see the visual world and interpret it.” 

Marcel Just, Director of the Center for Cognitive Brain Imaging at Carnegie Mellon University

Youtube, search engine Good Innings Media

YouTube is the number two search engine in the world. and a key platform for online video marketing and advertising.

A video on your website and on Youtube is putting you out there in the marketplace and pushing you right up the Google rankings.

Web video’s are mobile friendly – while text on a mobile is tiny, a video telling your story can be full screen and high impact.

‘A website video could be the best investment you’ll ever make for your business.’

For a free no obligation quote on web videos contact Good Innings Media