The Secrets of Successful Public Speaking

The Secrets of Successful Public Speaking

  Conquer your nerves and deliver a dynamic speech

The people we admire most in life are those who are the best communicators – they are the ones we look to for inspiration and guidance, both in our business and personal liv

You can be one of those people

Graeme Goodings draws on decades of public speaking experiences to present you with all you need to know to to give you confidence to discover new skills to help you communicate your ideas more effectively.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking – The Secrets of  Successful Public Speaking is a user friendly, step by step guide, that will take you from anxious presenter to a commanding orator able to influence, inform and entertain.

The skills you learn are equally applicable in the boardroom, for business presentations, public addresses, to after dinner speaking and toasting the bride and groom.

Be the person others admire.


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